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Studio Transformations (Part One)

Ahoy there, felt it best to crack right on with introducing folks to the new Purky Studio.

I am using my ancient 3.2 Megapixel camera which feels a tad like a stone age relic, so my photographs are not super crisp, but you will get the idea 🙂

As you walk in the door there are two desks, currently I am working through my drawers and boxes of findings and equipment. That drawer unit will be going under the desk on the right.

Those boxes underneath are in the process of being investigated, there is some really random stuff in there.

To the right is desk two, that will have both of my pasta machines set up on it. I am also going to glue a glass tile to the desk to use as a work surface. Completely fed up of my revolution beads going wonky because the glass slips away!

The view out the window is not hugely stimulating so tempted to stick a poster of the tropics on that wall outside.

The CD tower has been repurposed to be a storage unit for takeaway boxes filled with scrap clays.

A close up on some of my tools….these have been collected over the last 6 years. There is another box of them somewhere!

Continuing around to the right, in the corner I have my convection oven and kiln. At the moment, TeeTwo the fish is in here, just to keep him cat proofed but he will be moving somewhere more auspicious soon.

Turning right again, to the other corner. Just a pile of crafty stuff atm, some stock, some oil pastels etc. Need to deal with this asap.

And in the final corner, a towering behemoth of modern modular furniture. Tis an Ikea Expedit bookcase which will be carefully organised and full of crafty goodness.

At the moment it is more of a dumping ground but aiming to have cubby holes for specific items. Need sterling silver findings, they are in ……… That kind of thing.

And a final picture to give you an idea of the state of these boxes.

I am not a particuarly concientious mover and do not treat myself or my belongings well.

Especially in the circumstances, I just wanted to throw it in boxes and get it the hell out of there. I felt like my stuff and myself were just in the way of my former DB’s happiness.

However, I hope you can see the mess my studio is but also the future potential for it to be magnificent. I have remade contact with wholesalers and suppliers. Also made some enquiries about foil printed packaging and some other bits and pieces.

Also delving back into the business plan and ammending it.

Wish me luck folks and catch you soon xx