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Studio Transformations (Part Two)

This is kind of a cheats transformation. I needed to make my studio functional, even though it has not been properly tidied.

So, I cleared the desk….

Onto the floor….

And with Phil’s help I started laying my glass work tiles on the desk. This protects the desk and makes it easier to keep everything clean, plus it reflects light.

And completed with my two pasta machines. One is purely for light clays and the other is probably going to become my scrap clay machine, because I have another machine on order.

‘But Harry, you haven’t really tidied the studio! You have just made a usable working area!’

Well, yes Phil is right, I have only really placated the problem rather than solving it.

I am very pleased to have a work area and I feel it will spur me on to create. To sort out the catalogue, to make lovely things and blog about them constantly.

It also made me feel very happy, so I think thats all that counts. Hurray for artistic selfishness. It is my space and only has to satisfy my demands.

On a consolidatory note, I did do battle with the kitchen and win…..

I mean seriously, is that not a thing of beauty?

I have a couple of tutorial/experiments in progress and will blog all about them soon folks.

Much Purky loving


4 thoughts on “Studio Transformations (Part Two)

  1. looks absolutely gorgeous, & homely! i can’t wait to visit youuu!! x

  2. Het Hun, it’s looking great! Your kitchen looks brill, super organised! Can’t wait to see it!

    Vix x x x

  3. Hello Phil! Clear work areas are important. I can’t wait to see what you create.

  4. Thankyou folks 🙂 Promise to get some creations en route as soon as possible x

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