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Sunday Omnibus.

Gosh where did the time go? It has been a rather good week in a few aspects and a hard one in others. Usual human existance methinks.

Shepton Mallet on Friday which was fun as usual. I really enjoy seeing the gang and over the next few weeks I am going to start putting up some pictures and details of them on the blog 🙂 However spotlight this week goes to the lovely Juno. She is about a year old and a labrador and just gorgeous.

However I witnessed yesterday that she has a very strict sense of honour when dealing with thieves!

Unfortunately I haven’t got a picture of the stall she belongs to but the webpage is here  Tabatha and Jim are lovely folks and will pop some pictures up next week!

I have such serious dog envy. I love my cat, he is ace but he cannot come to work with me. It would be awesome if he could be trusted to go to sleep on one side of my trading table and amuse the punters but alas he would probably take some money out the till and visit the fishmongers.

Ok and onto Saturday. Frome was unspectacular but quite enjoyable. Attached the strings to a hundred handcut christmas decorations (more to follow!) and sorta mooched while making bits and pieces. Got lots to make tommorow as well.

Going to pop to Glastonbury now and then going to watch Despicable me….bwah ha ha ha