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The emotions of a Purky chap

Yeah, I know. Opening with a title like that. Screams doom and gloom doesn’t it?

I am an emotional man, it leads me to create beautiful works of art and literature, facilitates my ability to be compassionate and fuels my urge to be helpful.

It also allows me to be crumpled up like a paper bag or shattered like a…..yup you guessed it, a ‘glass cannon.

I do not really want to go into much detail here because it could quickly become inflamatory but a long term close friend has behaved thoughtlessly and hurt my feelings. I am now second guessing many things in my life and getting increasingly distressed. Said friend would probably respond by calling me ‘such an emo’ but as part of my manifesto of living honestly, I accept my emotional nature.

Therefore to use it as a term of derision is meaningless.

I am struggling to remind myself that I am not meaningless and that each day is another minor step towards my life goals. Yeah I do not really like my job but as the days go by it is becoming more manageable. Yeah I have not completed any serious pieces of publishable work but I am making progress with my technique and storytelling. Yeah I don’t have much money, but that doesn’t upset me so much.

I have achieved everything that I have truly set my mind to. I have GCSE’s, A-Levels and 2:1 BA(HONS) degree all set to a backdrop of family hardship and complex issues. I still got there.

I have a driving licence and my own car.

A large and diverse selection of wonderful friends (I do not advocate quantity as a measure but I am blessed)

A young man who loves me very much and I adore in return.

A beautiful cat who brings me joy every day.

The space to explore myself artistically in my studio.

I am not meaning to brag here but I feel the need to reassert myself in my own existance. It is all essentially meaningless and so you develop your own meanings and boundaries. For me, its living honestly and expressively.

Hence the creation of Purky’s Place and thank you for coming to visit me here folks.

The rest of this months posts will most probably be centered around crafty things, so please pop back soon.

I have a sculpting post to pop up, a bronze tutorial post and some other things including rockets…

Much love and purkiness to everyone x