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The Purky Enclave Ltd

Hello there darlings! Just a little update and a bigger blog post is on its way very soon!

Purky Products turned 12 years old in April 2018 and was founded under the principle of handcrafted joy. The idea that the joy inherent in my work and the joy it gives people either as a customer or recipient. 

I just wanted to let you know that Purky Products has grown and evolved and become The Purky Enclave Ltd which is also founded upon handcrafted joy.

Our aim is to build a collaborative space for creatives that houses a huge number of disciplines including but not limited to ceramics, glass, social media, music, dance, textiles, woodwork, metal work and many more. 

We will also be bringing workshops and joy to venues across the country as we grow and develop.

Massive love and watch this space 


Horatio xx