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Tired but Happy Purkiness

Ahoy there, how be you all? Lots to talk about, so going to be a tad brisk! hehehe

I have been working manically hard getting ready for shows and such. On the 20th of November Purky attended the Chocolate Festival in Frome.

Remember I had been working hard on new stock, revamping packaging and investing in new display equipment?

Well, do you think it was worth it?

Ego a Go Go that I am, I was super proud of how the stands looked. Been working into the early hours of the morning getting ready for this 🙂

I work full time as well, so been spending the hard earned pennies on the new display gear.

I know it probably sounds silly but it looks so …..legitimate? Like I really am a jewellery designer and polymer clay artist rather than a pretender.

Isn’t it odd the way we seek to validate ourselves?

Anyways, sadly the festival wasn’t my best trading show but it was delicious being there again. I really loved it last time and this year was also fabulous.

I did some brilliant networking and met lovely people.

I felt proud of my work for the first time in a very long time.

I got to spend the day with my amazing friend Vix, or Mrs Super VixieAsbo of (She was totally awesome)……(We ate really tasty alcoholic truffles together)……(and cream cakes)…..(hehehehehe)

All in all? a Victory. I went to bed very satisfied with the day’s events.

I was rushed of my feet so sadly didnt get chance to take many other photos which was a shame but check out Muriel Lavender’s blog and FromeTV made a film of the event

If I promise to blog more frequently would folks let me off? I have to write up about the Storytelling performance I did, Hogswatch trading and other exciting things.

For now though, off to bed. My faithfull feline snuggled up beside me.

Massive hugs you lot



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  1. That was such a fun day, I slept well that night! Hmmm all the yummy food! Your stall looked amazing, really profesional.


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