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Tuesday…erm Typing?

Ahh Tuesday, now really in terms of working my Monday.

I go to the open air market in Yeovil on Tuesdays. Leave at 7am all bleary eyed and arrive not much different. Usually manage to spill coffee on myself en route. Listen to music far to loud and blast through the semi-deserted country lanes.

After setting everything up it looks sort of like this

However this is a slightly older picture taken in September, when it was actually sunny. Today it was blowing a gale and pouring with rain! So I hid with my stand under the archway and watched the world wash away.

So when I came home, I cheered myself up by making my first items of mini food!

 A sparkly pepper!

 A magic marbled chilli!

 A normal chilli!


And a close up of the baby pumpkin 🙂

Not quite sure where I am going with the foodie things but its making me smile which helps on grey days like this 🙂