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Tuesday has arrived.

Heya, its a bit murky in Purky Towers at the moment but I promise that I am doing my best to keep making things.

You see I have had this big box of plaster whites that I cast up in October last year and decided (with some poking) that it was high time to get them painted up.

They are pretty much all from ice cube moulds I have found in cooking shops, homewares, skips and charity shops.

I dug out some lovely paints including the pearlescent and glitter paints as well as some brushes and set to work.

I gave everyone an undercoat of either gloss black acryllic or metallic silver and gold.

I like the blingy hearts. Initially I was worried about the brush strokes but I think it looks sort of charming.

Here is a ‘goth-berry’ 🙂 I will drybrush it at somepoint.

These are hearts which have been black glossed then painted with different colour glitterpaints. Also they have been sealed with lacquer 😀

Purple 🙂

Gold 🙂

Green 🙂

and Raspberry 🙂

 I tried giving a more aged look to this face and think it looks kinda swish.

A group shot for luck showing off my ‘golden-berry’ to the left.

and finally a very blue and silver strawberry 🙂

Painting these up cheered me up briefly. I have been listing an item a day on etsy in my ‘purkyproducts’ shop which is yet to bear fruit but my listings are far from perfect methinks.

My DH is sulking with me at the moment so I believe I am in trouble because the agency hasn’t phoned to offer me a £35k a year job. We shall ignore the fact all the cooking and washing up has been my department for erm…how long? Sigh. I am probably being unreasonable, though I have taken up any days the agencies have offered and the well seems to have run dry. I am temping as a carer this week, its only twenty hours but its got to count for something?

There are some great jobs in the Blackmore Vale Magazine but I just don’t have….I don’t know. The urge to apply? Is this a lack of confidence or laziness? All I want to do is make things and then sell them. Unrealistic? Probably in this economic climate with the minimal investment cushion available to me.

Its like my life is enveloped by an extensive feeling of ‘meh’ and nothing is shifting it. There are lovely people around me and the house is pleasant, my cat is ….well a pain in the arse but brilliant with it.

Also in a bizare twist an abusive figure from my past has reappeared and I am not keen on that frankly. Lets see how the rest of the week goes.

Ta ta for now x

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  1. Hey dude, these look great and I have to agree that the brush strokes give a really nice effect. Think I might have to buy some to pop on the next wreath I make super cute!!

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