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Updates on a Wednesday?

Well, at last we have some images! Hurray everybody, I forsee parades and general happiness.
Most of them are now on the Purky Products facebook group and lots of them are in my Picasa album.
Whats been occurring? Well Purky is a small independent business and frankly its rather hard at the moment. So rather than allow myself to get down I have been working really hard on bringing out new products and refining my skills.
I have also been visiting new venues and meeting lovely new folks. I managed to pull everything together and create a confectionary collection for Chocolate Sundae   which seemed really popular. I enjoyed doing something a tad more whimsical than usual and I learned all about chocolate which was amazing. Did you know that raw chocolate is really good for you? Something to do with anti-toxidants and endorphin boosting. Probably the deliciousness helps as well.
I also attended the christmas fete for Rode’s school between Trowbridge and Frome which was a completely different feel for me. For a start it was indoors and quite late, starting at 7pm and finishing at 10pm. I dont think they have a webpage but heres a snapshot of the stand.
Later today I am going to make some Mokume Nendo brooches in the form of doves and some other bits and pieces as well. I would quite like to put up a tutorial on that at some point so, erm..I will!
catch you later guys
Oh and, rest in peace my dear Gerbil Bob. xxxx