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Wednesday Stuff

I will let you into a secret, I actually made this on Friday morning but didn’t want too many posts in one weekend.

It uses one of my faux rock mixes and I have dubbed it a ‘Monolith’ pendant because of the shape and general aesthetic.

I accidentally bought a vintage fimo book on ebay the other week for an amazing £2.00 including postage and it has lots of ideas inside. It comes from a time before mokume gane! and the embedded items were really inspiring, hence the chains wrapped/embedded in this pendant. I added the patina to the chain myself with liver of sulphur.

The pendant has an embedded headpin in its core that once turned into a wrapped look for hanging. I am quite pleased with this experiment and think its looks very appropriate on a ribbon choker 🙂

To keep you guessing for next time, what do you think this will become?……..

much love, Purky xxx