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Well, haven’t I been a tad rubbish?

Hello gorgeous folks, my apologies for disapearing up my own bottom in a miasma of sadness and pretense that I shouldn’t be bothering any more.

Tied up in my own feelings concerning moving, breaking up, managing things as a single entitity and such. Work also consumed a lot of my spare time and sorting out my own space has been difficult.

However, this must now be turned around.

I will be posting a mini series about my new home over the next few weeks, while I sort out the new studio, which in a way feels like when the Tardis control room regenerates. There is a brand new business plan being written for Purky Products. The Purky himself is being sorted out, there may need to be large sticks involved and of course Phileous Mogg (the company feline) will be in attendance.

Many thanks to my blog followers and blurkers.

As a random aside, look at these pictures I found on a random CD.

Tis me on a micro stall at a victorian fete in Shepton Mallet last year.
And look at all the folks around me, I forgot about the good bits, like this 🙂
Catch you soon everyone xx

3 thoughts on “Well, haven’t I been a tad rubbish?

  1. All the very best Harry [don’t ‘think’ you can…KNOW you can!]

  2. Thankyou Keith, thats a very helpful way of thinking 🙂

  3. Purky is coming back bigger and better!

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