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Where I am….


time for one of those posts where I am not talking about my work. I am in quite a strange place in my life.

On one side, my Folksy shop ( launched successfully last week and hit its sales targets. I have met some nice chaps, enjoyed the company of my friends.

On the other, I am not sleeping, do not have enough money to pay the rent, bills and buy food. Emotionally I am still recovering from the loss of my mother and my big breakup.

It is like I am looking over an abyss of drink, sex and other consumptions that wants me to jump back in. Despite the things that are positive in my life and my attempts to focus upon them. I am rather depressed.

However, Purky Products hit its sales target in the first week on Folksy – that is fabulous and I am very pleased. It bodes well for a Purky future.

I am surrounded by people who love me and care about me. For that I am so grateful and lucky.

Bills are just bills, they are always there, I can manage and will manage.

A very sage older friend of mine said (this is a paraphrase)

‘You are drawn to the darkness because you know how to handle it, how it feels to be surrounded by that negativity. The light scares you because you are not used to it and do not know how to handle your impending success’

What a dude, huh? Love him to bits.

I need to ensure my impending success by building confidence, working on my business and looking to the bright future that I can create for myself.

Much Purky love


3 thoughts on “Where I am….

  1. I know you can do it and I also know you will do it. Be strong and hold your head up high!


  2. Hey fella… please feel free to chat if you want some support.. I went off the rails when my mum died and I split up from my partner and I know how much of a alluring draw the hedonistic lifestyle can be as a way of blocking out all the shit in your life.


  3. Hi dude, thankyou, will take you up on that.

    H x

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